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Orka Automation helps companies create high performance manufacturing environments that deliver quality results.

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We specialize in manufacturing automation solutions that move, process, and inspect

Orka Automation is a full service automation company that offers design and integration services for customers of all sizes across multiple industries.

We design, develop, integrate, and support automation solutions that move, process, and inspect your parts. Working with your team, we’ll help make your business more efficient, safe, profitable, and future-ready.  Whether it’s conveyors, robotics, assembly cells, or automated quality inspection, Orka Automation delivers better results through better processes. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation today!

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Orka Automation has years of experience in industrial automation, and works with leading technology providers to provide solutions that can move, process, and inspect your parts. We design and deliver projects that include material conveyance, robotics, contact and non-contact quality inspection, and a wide range of assembly and manufacturing processes. 

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Mike Ramirez and john amrhein featured IN MIBIZ articles

 Orka’s President Mike Ramirez and EVP John Amrhein were featured in a recent MiBiz series of articles regarding implementing Industry 4.0. The first article (available in our News section), “Reducing the Human Struggle”, discusses  automation as a human-centered tool that can help enable people to be more effective, and not just a means to cut costs.  The second article, “West Michigan Manufacturers See Opportunity in Automation, Industry 4.0 as Labor Shortages Persist”, is linked below:



This is the next phase of an over 600 foot conveyor system being readied for installation at our customer, an automotive industry supplier in Ohio. It includes vision identification and routing, offline work cells for assembly, inspection, and rework, and lift stations to adjust the line height for attached processes. This system replaces a significant amount of manual product movement via handcarts and manual pallet forks, and eliminates receptive lifting of heavy part bins.