Project examples

Orka Automation, along with our sister company Component Engineering, has provided automated solutions to companies in the automotive, commercial vehicle, medical, consumer packaged goods, and contract furniture industries. We’ve provided solutions to companies that serve those industries in die casting, foam manufacturing, injection molding, metal stamping, metal roll-forming, tube bending/assembly/brazing,  and more. Below are brief samples of the many projects we’ve worked on. Contact us to learn more about what we’ve done and can do for other applications that move, process, and inspect in a variety of industries. 

mop head inversion

INDUSTRY: Foam Manufacturing, Medical

SOLUTION: Orka developed a machine that inverts, or turns a mophead “outside in” after the interior edges are fused. This solution reduces waste by replacing tedious and inconsistent manual inversion. At the end of the process, mopheads are moved by conveyor, bagged, and labeled. 

foam conveyance

INDUSTRY: Foam Manufacturing, Automotive

SOLUTION: This solution moves large bunks via conveyor, transporting them from a cutting station to multiple areas for further processing. The splitting action replaces labor intensive manual lifting to separate the multi-hundred pound buns after cutting. 

robotic part inspection

INDUSTRY: High Pressure Fuel Rail Manufacturing, Automotive

SOLUTION: This solution moves fuel rails through a multi-station inspection process using an overhead Omron Adept parallel robot. Conditional logic moves the parts through the stations, directing them to the next station based on the testing result. It is also synchronized with upstream and downstream automated processes to ensure consistent piece flow and cycle time.

mop head assembly

INDUSTRY: Foam Manufacturing , Medical

SOLUTION: This solution crimps an aluminum channel on the end of a foam pad to create a mop head. Previously, a manual, labor-intensive and repetitive crimping process was used, with inconsistent results. 

automated die casting inspection

INDUSTRY: Die Casting , Automotive

SOLUTION: This solution brings 100% inspection and traceability to the shop floor, replacing CMM and hand-held air gaging. The platform can be robotically loaded and unloaded, and incorporates air gaging and probes to perform extremely precise quality checks in less than 30 seconds. A feature for dimensional offsets/adjustments based on the temperature of parts has recently been added to the platform. 

foam washer optical inspection

INDUSTRY: Foam Manufacturing , Medical

SOLUTION: Our customer was spending a significant amount of time and manpower inspecting foam washers used in medical devices for dimensions, shape/form, and surface quality. They needed an automated solution that could move them from manual visual inspection to 100% inspection at a cycle time of 5 washers per second. Orka designed and built a system that sorts and inspects the washers using four high speed cameras, and separates failures by failure type. 


Use the links below to download information about about Orka Automation capabilities.

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