COVID-19 Updates

Author: Laura AmRhein | Date: March 16, 2020

As you are all aware, COVID-19 is quickly spreading throughout North America.  Obviously this is nothing that we’ve ever had to deal with before – and the health and safety of our employees, customers, business partners and community is of the upmost importance to us.    With that, we wanted to make our customers aware of the precautions we are taking with our own employees, any potential impact on your orders, and some options for continuing to keep our businesses moving – something that benefits all of us.

  • From our end, we are holding each other accountable for only coming to work when we are healthy, and taking every precaution to mitigate any transfer of the virus while at work. Employees and visitors are required to follow CDC guidelines for hand-washing, contact with others, and additional means of minimizing opportunity to transfer the virus.  Any employee not feeling well is required to get testing from their local healthcare resource and self-quarantine for the recommended period of time.  They will only be allowed to return to work with a doctor’s approval.  Visitors will be limited in the upcoming weeks, and not allowed on-site if they are sick and displaying any symptoms.
  • We are committed to shipping orders on-time and complete. To date we are operating as business-as-usual and plan on meeting customer delivery requirements.  If anything were to change, we will communicate with you immediately and work toward a best-case Plan B.
  • We have virtual options if you aren’t comfortable meeting in person. There are key parts of each project that require customer buy-off, usually in person.  Design reviews.  Gage and machine review and buy-off, etc.  If your company has put travel bans in place, or if you aren’t comfortable traveling or having us at your company, please let us know.  We can find ways to work through approvals virtually as needed.

We are committed to meeting our deadlines and your needs, and are balancing that with the needs of ensuring that we are doing the right thing for our employees, their families, and the community. We’re confident we will be able to work through this and maintain our strong commitments to all our stakeholders.

Thank you for being flexible as we all learn to operate in these unprecedented uncharted times.
Stay healthy.  Stay safe.