Special Machines

Special Machines are just as the name implies – a special or custom machine designed to meet unique manufacturing needs.  Every facility and process has special needs that require a custom solution, and that’s where special machines come into play. In addition to the Automated Inspection Machines that Orka offers, our Special Machines provide custom […]

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Automation control panels combine the functions of a programmable controller and operator interface into a single unit.  In addition to humans, they are the brains of the operation. When the Orka Control Systems and Technical Services team develops control systems they take into consideration the entire production process – automated and manual – as well […]

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Automation Integration

Today’s manufacturing facilities have a range of systems – from the front office to the shop floor, and throughout the production process.   Experienced automation integrators connect multiple sub-systems to work through a single central system, streamlining processes and improving communication across a range of key areas. Technology is advancing incrementally.   While we’ve embraced […]

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Material Tracking

Maybe you just want to know how your outputs are moving through your production process, or maybe you have regulatory requirements to meet.  Regardless, the ability to track material movement can bring significant efficiencies and benefits to your manufacturing process. Tracking technology is a simple upgrade to your production process – but before you make […]

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PLC Programming and Networking

Having controls that communicate with each other and work together makes good sense in manufacturing environments – but often basic PC’s aren’t rugged enough to survive the environment.  PLC’s, or programmable logic controllers, are industrial digital computers that have been ruggedized and adapted for the manufacturing environment, including assembly lines, robotic integration, or any activity […]

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Process Improvement

The concept of process improvement is simple – identify opportunities to improve your production efficiencies.  The reality can be overwhelming when you are viewing the task from the inside out. Maybe your production process evolved over time and needs a fresh perspective and reorganizing.  Maybe your people aren’t working in the most efficient way possible […]

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Service and Support

Design, integration and installation of automation solutions are just the beginning.  Perhaps more important is Day 2 support – ensuring 100% efficiency 100% of the time. By putting smart service and support deliverables in place, your maintenance leans more toward preventative and proactive rather than reactive.  Day 2 services and support should include tool audits […]

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Automated Inspection Machines

Orka Automation partners with our sister company, Component Engineering, in the design and execution of our automated inspection machines. On the surface these work cells may not seem essential to your overall manufacturing processes, but if you value 100% inspection they just might offer the best return on your investment. With quality being such a […]

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Data Collection

Are you familiar with the phrase, “You can’t fix what you don’t measure?”  In todays fast paced, understaffed manufacturing environment, it’s more important than ever to streamline processes wherever you can and ensure that you catch defects before they leave your facility. Capturing inspection data within the manufacturing process allows you to establish a baseline […]

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