Considerations for Evolving your Smart Factory in 2022

Author: Laura AmRhein | Date: January 10, 2022

Let’s be honest. The past almost two years have been crazy. A global pandemic, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and murder hornets. We may have seen one of these coming, but combine all of them, and it’s what keeps company leadership up at night.

We read (and listen) to a lot of information on what’s next for industrial automation. It’s our job to be up-to-speed on the latest trends and resources so we can make informed decisions for our business, and our customers business. With that, in January we like to catch up on what industry leaders and influencers see as what’s next for the New Year. This article, Five Predictions for 2022, ‘The Year of the Smart Factory,‘ caught our attention as it references many of the capabilities we’re really good at, vision systems and data collection, as well as one thing we care deeply about – reducing the human struggle by automating repetitive tasks. One more thought to keep you reading through to the end – there is never a better time to start developing new skills within your team. It takes practice, and time – so the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be!

The article is available now on Industry Week – or you can download a PDF version.

Looking forward to working with current and new customers in 2022 to help you continue to evolve your Smart Factory!