“Local-to-Local” is a trend we can get our energy around!

Author: Laura AmRhein | Date: July 1, 2020

We just shared a blog post from Prince Manufacturing to our LinkedIn page – and it’s got us thinking about how we can support a more focused “local to local” effort in West Michigan and the Midwest.

Manufacturing is moving from China to the United States

Ensuring that our customers deliver quality outputs has been a cornerstone for us since we started just a few short years ago.  And while the tools we design and deliver to support your streamlined manufacturing needs are simple: automated quality inspection, secondary automation and material transfer systems (think conveyance) – its our approach and what we believe in that helps us stand out.

Human-Centered Automation – Designing solutions that create better, safer work environments for your employees by engaging with your team from concept through deployment and replacing repetitive, physically challenging tasks.

We Solve Problems – Anyone can sell you a machine, but we’re interested in solving your manufacturing challenges with you.  By taking a holistic approach, and viewing processes from beginning to end, together we can arrive at a future-flexible solution that you’ll use in your manufacturing process for years to come.

We’re With You Until We Get It Right – We pride ourselves in sticking with our customers beyond installation to ensure that everything is working properly, that we’re solving the intended problem, and that your team is trained and ready to take over.  If it isn’t right, we’ll stay until it is.

So, if you are one of many North American companies starting to re-shore your suppliers and manufacturing, let us help you get up and running quickly while ensuring that worker safety and quality outputs aren’t compromised in the process.

Mike and Team