Why Automate?

Why Automate Your Manufacturing Process? Automating manufacturing processes improves quality, increases efficiency, and reduces risk in your operation. It’s good for your customers, your business, and your people. A win-win-win. REASONS TO INVEST IN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Maximized Workforce – Keep your workforce engaged by automating repetitive, monotonous tasks. You’ll improve workplace safety, increase worker retention, […]

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Why Automated Inspection?

Why transition to an Automated Inspection system? It’s simple – delivering consistent quality parts on time is essential to your business and your brand. With this introductory piece to an ongoing series, we’ll touch on three high-level benefits of automated inspection before diving into deeper detail and considerations in future posts. BENEFITS OF AUTOMATED INSPECTION […]

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Worth A Read…

Links to articles that caught our attention this week. INDUSTRY TRENDS 3 Must-Know 2022 Automotive Industry Trends – 1). Focus on Green; 2). Growing Popularity of Mobility as a Service; 3). Increased use of digital sales experiences 4 Reasons Why Manufacturing is Resurging in the Midwest – 1). Friendly Residents; 2). Affordability; 3). Location; 4). […]

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Unfortunately, Failure Can Be An Option

FAILURE HAPPENS We’ve all heard the saying, “Failure is not an option”. However, in a disturbing percentage of industrial automation implementations, failure definitely happens. Searching the web for authoritative studies on the success of industrial automation/industry 4.0 projects, one can find that in some surveys, as many as 60% of automation projects do not meet […]

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Considerations for Evolving your Smart Factory in 2022

Let’s be honest. The past almost two years have been crazy. A global pandemic, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and murder hornets. We may have seen one of these coming, but combine all of them, and it’s what keeps company leadership up at night. We read (and listen) to a lot of information on what’s […]

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Orka In the News | 12.10.21

ORKA IN THE NEWS Orka was featured in a recent article from MiBiz on Automation Industry activity. In short – there’s a lot of automation demand right now, driving longer lead times due to capacity constraints and supply chain issues.  Automation companies sustain growth despite workforce, supply chain challenges     […]

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Supplier Relationships = Innovation

Supply chain difficulties lead headlines in all major publications – manufacturing and otherwise. In addition to pent-up demand, manufacturers continue to experience challenges getting components needed to ship finished products in a timely manner. In addition to ensuring your company has the components you need, when you need them, there’s a hidden opportunity with your […]

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Automation Headlines | 7.6.2021

Welcome to a new series featuring articles, resources, and events we’re reading or visiting to inspire, inform, and ignite new ideas around using automation to create high performance manufacturing environments. Articles Should Talent Be an Extension of Technology, or Vice Versa? Industry Week West Michigan manufacturers see opportunity in automation, Industry 4.0 as labor shortage […]

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