Supplier Relationships = Innovation

Supply chain difficulties lead headlines in all major publications – manufacturing and otherwise. In addition to pent-up demand, manufacturers continue to experience challenges getting components needed to ship finished products in a timely manner. In addition to ensuring your company has the components you need, when you need them, there’s a hidden opportunity with your […]

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Moving, Slicing, Sorting and Simplifying

Challenge A global manufacturer of custom-engineered foam-based components, products and packaging was looking to automate a fully manual process for slipping foam “buns” into standard dimensions for production.  Within the original process, workers had to push and lift large blocks of foam “buns” weighing hundreds of pounds to get them separated after sawing.  Not only […]

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“Local-to-Local” is a trend we can get our energy around!

We just shared a blog post from Prince Manufacturing to our LinkedIn page – and it’s got us thinking about how we can support a more focused “local to local” effort in West Michigan and the Midwest. Manufacturing is moving from China to the United States Ensuring that our customers deliver quality outputs has been […]

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