Why Automate?

Why Automate Your Manufacturing Process? Automating manufacturing processes improves quality, increases efficiency, and reduces risk in your operation. It’s good for your customers, your business, and your people. A win-win-win. REASONS TO INVEST IN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Maximized Workforce – Keep your workforce engaged by automating repetitive, monotonous tasks. You’ll improve workplace safety, increase worker retention, […]

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Considerations for Evolving your Smart Factory in 2022

Let’s be honest. The past almost two years have been crazy. A global pandemic, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and murder hornets. We may have seen one of these coming, but combine all of them, and it’s what keeps company leadership up at night. We read (and listen) to a lot of information on what’s […]

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Moving, Slicing, Sorting and Simplifying

Challenge A global manufacturer of custom-engineered foam-based components, products and packaging was looking to automate a fully manual process for slipping foam “buns” into standard dimensions for production.  Within the original process, workers had to push and lift large blocks of foam “buns” weighing hundreds of pounds to get them separated after sawing.  Not only […]

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